Female Fashionistas of the Past & Present

Good name? Bad name? I’ll work on it. Anyways, the girl today is the british model of the 60’s, Twiggy!

And she wasn’t just a vapid, self-centered girl, either. She actually hated how she looked and thought everyone was “stark-raving mad”.

“Twiggy’s adolescent physique was the perfect frame for the androgynous styles that began to emerge in the 1960s. The trend was manifested in a number of templates: sweet A-line dresses with collars and neckties, suits and dresses that took their details from military uniforms, or, in the case of Yves Saint-Laurent, an explicit transposition of the male tuxedo to women. Simultaneously, under the rubric of ‘unisex’, designs that were minimalistic, including Nehru suits and space-agey jumpsuits, were proposed by designers such as Pierre Cardin and Andre Courreges, and, most famously in the U.S.A., by Rudi Gernreich.”-The Metropolitian Museum of Art’s 2009 Catalogue



Gardening Inspiration

Today, I was in the mood for gardening. Naturally, it rained all day. So of course, I go on my laptop, to look at stuff, that I’ll never actually do. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Photo courtesy of Refinery29-


Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty Living-


Oddly enough, all those flowers I took pictures of yesterday, they closed up! Anybody know why?



New Girl

Hi. There is no point in talking about me right now, because you can check that out on my about, so might as well jump right in!

White Flower 1 Purple Flower 1 White Flower 2 Violet Flower 1 White Flower 3Today, it was nice weather… if you got rid of the bone-chilling wind! But I did get some nice pictures of the flowers already blooming in the front yard.